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Personalize Your Reception

Many couples choose to personalize an item of their wedding so that people will have a more memorable time. Personalization ranges from initials, to the wedding date, to your full names, and everything in between. Here are the most common ways/items in Rochester to personalize.

Ribbon- This is probably the least expensive and the most common way to personalize your wedding. The ribbon comes with your names and/or wedding date printed on 12" lengths. There will usually be a minimum order amount, so if you are having less than 100 guests, you may want to find something else. These ribbons are typically used to tie up the tulle that you put Jordan almonds in. They can, of course, be used for other things as well.

Napkins- This is a very easy way to personalize your wedding, and everyone is sure to see it. Most companies will be able to print several lines on the napkin, which means you can include more information than on ribbon. You could have your names, date, place, and even a cute saying (ex: "Our love is forever."). Plus, you can be sure that you'll be able to find your wedding colors.

Candy or Chocolate- This is one of the most fun ways to personalize your wedding. There are many candy companies out there that will personalize the wrappers of the candy to have your names, wedding date, or anything else on them. So, if you're not one of those lucky few whose initials spell M & M, you're still in luck. This kind of personalizing can be cheap, but you may sacrifice quality for price.

Gifts- This is by far the most expensive way to personalize, mostly because of the cost of what's being personalized. However, these items can range anywhere from golf tees to jewelry. The more simple gifts, like golf tees, matchbooks, or magnets can be used as favors. Generally, the more expensive gifts are used as thank-yous for the bridal party and any close relatives that helped in the wedding planning. Many gifts that you choose can be personalized, from teddy bears to golf clubs; even if you don't buy it at a place that does personalization, you can find a place that will personalize outside purchases. This will really give a special touch to the gifts that you give your loved ones.

Whether you choose to personalize your favors or not, they may still be quite personal. For example, if you and your fiancé are gardeners, you may choose to give seeds or potted plants and those would be just as personal as almonds tied with personalized ribbon.

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