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Trash the Dress

The wedding is over; your guests have all gone home. The venue just packed up the last of your centerpieces and you finally leave for a blissful honeymoon on an exotic Caribbean island. When you get home your answering machine has a message from your photographer. "The photos look great and should be ready soon, so when are we trashing your dress?


It's a lot harder to come up with good groomsmen than it is to find suitable bridesmaids. This is because, no offense, guys are a lot less responsible than girls. This means that they may be late to the wedding, the best man may forget the ring, they may be hung over from the bachelor party, and the list goes on. It is really important to stress to your fiancé that he needs to choose wisely and think about which of his best buds and family are more reliable.

Wedding Consultants

A consultant's job is to help a couple determine, execute, and direct all of the many tasks that are required to successfully host a wedding. The consultant takes on the roles of facilitator, mediator, money manager, planner, organizer, creative resource person, and advocate of the bride and groom in their relationships with wedding service providers. The wedding consultant is responsible for seeing that every detail is taken care of and that the process runs smoothly and flawlessly. It is the consultant's role to reduce the inevitable stress and glitches that are a natural part of every celebration.

Finding the Gown You Love

One of the most important things that will help you find your perfect dress in Rochester is knowing what you want. Of course, included in knowing what you want is knowing what would look best on your body shape. Here are the four basic dress silhouettes and what body types look best with them.


If all else fails, the cake is the main piece of food you should have. Every Rochester reception has a cake of some kind, no exception. The cake often reflects the theme of the wedding and often incorporates the wedding colors and/or flowers. Modern cakes are leaning more towards spectacular colors, shapes, and arrangements- from giftbox-like cakes to skyscraper cakes and from mixtures of shapes to brightly colored flowers and ribbons. Basically, there is no longer a pressing rule of making the cake white, you can have anything your heart desires.

Do I Need a Photographer?

When you are figuring out your budget, you may realize that photography and videography account for about 12% of your overall costs. After seeing this, many Rochester brides choose to exclude videography and allocate that money to another item on the budget. Excluding photography or videography is not a good idea. Here are the advantages of having a photographer or videographer.

Bridal Portraits

For those of you who are new to the wedding mumbo-jumbo, a bridal portrait session is done with only the bride- all dressed up. Usually these pictures are taken at least a month before the wedding, so that they can be displayed at the wedding. However, some Rochester brides choose to do theirs after the wedding, or even on the wedding day.


With so much to do before, and during, a wedding in Rochester- it's no wonder brides choose to have bridesmaids to help them out. Bridesmaids are in charge of many different tasks (see Help) and can really lighten the load that you and your fiancé carry. However, there are many various things you need to consider when choosing bridesmaids, or any other attendants.

Friends And Family

Usually, you will select your attendants out of your closest friends and family. These people will be the most likely candidates for helping you with all of your wedding planning. If you have more friends and family in Rochester who can help besides those chosen as attendants, you are in luck. The more people you have helping you, the less stressful your wedding planning will be. Here is a list of typical assignments for friends and family:

Men's Attire

Since men are generally not clothing shoppers, the bride will have to make sure she gives her fiancé a deadline to find a tux. Generally, it's best if the groom gets his tux about three to four months before the wedding. He'll then have to apply some pressure to his groomsmen to get their attire in a timely manner as well. If they wait till the last minute they may not be able to find a matching tux or all the accessories they need.

Personalize Your Reception

Many couples choose to personalize an item of their wedding so that people will have a more memorable time. Personalization ranges from initials, to the wedding date, to your full names, and everything in between. Here are the most common ways/items in Rochester to personalize.

What Should I Register For?

Everyone is always curious about what they should register for. Well, this little guide can help. Below is a list of the registering basics. You might just want to print it out, cross off what you already own, and then take the list with you when you go to register.

Rehearsal Dinner

The name is exactly what the event actually is. It is the dinner after your rehearse the wedding. The dinner is usually held the night before the wedding. The couple and the wedding party will meet at the ceremony location and the officiant will go through the wedding process with them. Afterwards, the rehearsal dinner is held in celebration of the upcoming wedding.


A budget is very important, especially if you are spending someone else's money (your parents, or possibly your fiancé's parents). Here is a basic list of what you should put in your budget and the average percentages of what Rochester brides spend in each section. To figure out your amounts just take your total budget and times it by the percentage listed.

Your First Dance

When Laura Murphy and Bret Burghdurf began planning for their August 2008 wedding, they wanted a first dance that was above and beyond the traditional. Since taking classes at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, they’ll be able to present a fully choreographed first dance number.


One of the most expensive parts of a Rochester reception is the cost of catering. Luckily, it is one of the best and most memorable parts of a wedding too. Generally, Rochester caterers will charge by person, so the more guests you have the more you should plan on spending. There are so many different types of meals you can have- this list will help you find the best one for your style and budget.

Task Calendar

Here is a rough list of what needs to be done and when. Of course, every couple in Rochester is going to have a different amount of time between the engagement and the marriage, so you'll have to work out a schedule of your own based on these guidelines.

Engagement Photos

Engagement pictures, though not a vital part of the wedding, are an important part of a memorable wedding. Many people in Rochester choose to get engagement pictures for several reasons- here are a few:


Weddings are notorious for their toasts. In fact, many Rochester couples are now buying commemorative champagne glasses etched with hearts, their names, or other designs. There are many different ways you can serve drinks at your reception.

Bachelor Party

The bachelor party is a men-only night/weekend of hanging out. Usually the best man will host the party and plan it, but everyone invited will be expected to pitch in for the cost. With so many fun things possible in Rochester, many parties are really just outings, maybe going to a club, going bungee-jumping, etc.

Invitation Wording

The whole wedding planning is hard enough without having to think of all the different ways you could word your invitations. Here are a couple of the most common ways to word the invitation.

Who to Invite, and How Many

Before you begin with your invitations, you should have a definite decision on the location of your Rochester reception. This is vital to figuring out how many people to invite. Usually, you can invite about 25% more people than will fit in your reception location because that is the average of how many people will not be able to attend the wedding. For example, if your reception location can hold 300 people, count on inviting 375 guests.

Rochester Real Weddings

"When’s the wedding?" and "Where’s the ring?" were the common questions fired at Anita Prabhu and Vance Hagen in the eight years leading up to their engagement. Many thought they were crazy for waiting so long, but for Vance and Anita, the timing could not have been more perfect.

Women's Attire

Your bridesmaids are your best friends. These tips will help you keep them like that. Many Rochester brides go all-out with the bridesmaids' attire, making everyone wear the same color, same style, and the same accessories. In these modern times, it is no longer necessary to do that. Follow these ideas to ensure your bridesmaids will love their dresses.

Meanings of Flowers

It was common in history for brides to only use flowers that had positive connotations. If you want to follow tradition- here's the list:

Classic Wedding Pictures

Here are some of the most classic pictures that you will want for your wedding. The best idea is to print this page out (or copy it into another program) and cross out what pictures you don't want and add anything you can think of that you would want.

Where Should I Register?

So many Rochester couples wonder where they are going to register. Don't worry- it's easy to decide once you hear these factors.


Your family is very important when it comes to wedding planning, as well as the wedding itself. Many people in Rochester choose their siblings to be bridesmaids or groomsmen, but for all those family members that aren't included in that category- they still have a lot they can do for you.

Who Pays For What?

In the modern world, it is not uncommon for a Rochester couple to pay for everything themselves, either because they are well-off financially or they think it is too awkward to ask their parents to pitch in. If you do happen to have both parents willing and able to help out with the costs, here's the traditional list of who pays what:

Shoes, Veil, and Slips

The most basic accessories are often the hardest to choose. There are so many different styles of shoes, veils, and slips that a bride can go crazy figuring out which ones to wear. Help is on the way. By simply following these steps you will be able to pick out these accessories free of stress.

Ceremony Decorations

Don't forget that this is your big day and everything should be perfect. If you always dreamed of a ceremony with hundreds of roses surrounding you- go for it, and allocate the money from something in the budget that you won't need as much for. No matter what, you should stay true to yourself and do whatever would make you have the best day of your life.

Addressing Invitations

First of all, how are you going to write all those addresses? If you are like most couples planning your wedding in Rochester, you'll have hundreds of invitations to address. Here are your options along with pros and cons:

Engagement Party

Even though engagement parties are optional- it's still a fun thing to do. If your relatives have not yet met your fiancé, an engagement party is a better place for them to meet than at the wedding itself. An engagement party is also a great way for either side of parents to show their support of your upcoming wedding, or it is a great way for you to pitch in to the wedding costs as a couple.

Bouqet Jewelry

Bouquet jewelry has become the hot new bridal accessory for your bridal bouquets this season. This new fashion trend allows brides to personalize their bouquet in an entirely new way!

Jewelry, Hair, and Makeup

While not everyone will notice your basic accessories (slip, shoes, etc.) everyone will notice your jewelry, hair, and makeup. These items are often what Rochester brides spend the most attention on getting perfect. They may buy several necklaces, try a dozen hairstyles, and buy gobs of makeup before finding the perfect look. Try these tips that will save you time and money.

Styles fo Bouquets

With so many different types of bouquets- it is hard to decide which would be best. Just make sure you take into account your overall theme for your wedding and what is generally available in Rochester.

Spotlight on Designed Elegance Pastry Shoppe

Jon Voigtschild, owner of Designed Elegance Pastry Shoppe, demonstrates nothing short of perfection when creating his extraordinary cakes. Whether simple or ornate each cake promises to deliver mouth-watering flavors and texture. Jon’s special butter cream icing recipe provides the elegant look of fondant, while maintaining the great taste of butter cream.

Invitation Terminology

A list of terms you might want to know

What Flowers Do I Need?

Weddings are by far the most flower-oriented events in the world. Here are all the types of flowers that people like to have at a Rochester wedding. Luckily, only about half of these are actually "required".

Bridal Shower

One of the most fun parts about being a bride in Rochester is being the center of attention at the bridal shower. The bridal shower is a great place to hang out with your female family and friends (as well as future family). Everyone brings a gift at this party, which makes it even more fun because you can open all the gifts in front of everyone. The party is usually held, at the most, two months from the wedding. This means you can have it any time between the day before and two months before the wedding.

Average Cost of a Wedding

Depending on the area you live in a wedding can have very diverse costs. The national average is about $20,000, but that varies in different areas of the US. We have the lows and highs listed for the six areas of the United States.

Reception Decorations

Reception decorations are often the third thing that comes to mind after the dress and the flowers. Decorating your Rochester reception location can be a fun experience. The main thing that people think about is the centerpieces.

Organize Receipts and Info

There are two main things that you will need to put in your "Wedding Planning" notebook: receipts and general information. If you keep track of these two simple things, your wedding planning will go a lot smoother.


List of terms you are going to want to know when you discuss clothing styles for your wedding.

Party Favors Ideas

If you're looking for ideas- here they are. Fifty different ideas in total- all divided into categories that you can pick from.

How to Find a Good Photographer or Videographer

With how much money you're likely to spend on your pictures (and video) it's no wonder there are so many people in the photography/videography business. Unfortunately, more is not always better and it can be hard to find a good photographer (or videographer). Lucky for you, here are some tips on how to find a good photographer and/or videographer in Rochester.

Where Should I Register?

So many Rochester couples wonder where they are going to register. Don't worry- it's easy to decide once you hear these factors.

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