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LuLaRoe by Heather Wood

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About LuLaRoe by Heather Wood

At LuLaRoe by Heather Wood we sell LuLaRoe clothing, online and in person. Contact me for a sale link or to schedule an in-home pop-up boutique!

What is LuLaRoe and how does it work?
LuLaRoe is a clothing company that provides comfortable, unique quality clothing through direct sales consultants. We currently produce dresses, skirts leggings and tops for women, children and men. Each item comes in a solid or printed fabric. LuLaRoe only makes enough of a printed fabric to make 5,000 items- and that print is split up over all of the styles and all of the sizes- and then randomly sent to over 45,000 consultants! It is highly unlikely that you will find the same print worn by someone else locally :)
Sales are conducted only through consultants; there is no specific website or catalog. Each consultant may have different prints to match your interest and each consultant’s inventory is constantly changing.
Consultants hold Pop-Up Boutique parties with a host at a home or event location or even online parties. Hostess rewards usually consist of free clothing and percentages off clothing purchases.

I would love for you to consider including LuLaRoe in your wedding planning- there are lots of ways to do so! Maybe in a little package when you ask your bridal party, or include in your thank you gift to your bridal party- or even just order some of our “Butter Pants” aka Leggings to be super comfy for marathon wedding planning sessions on Pinterest and vendor meetings. Contact me for bridal specials! I also have bridal packages, like private shopping for you and your wedding party on your bachelorette weekend.

Picture this: You're driving around in a limo making stops for your Bachelorette party, when one of your stops is a clothing boutique. Champagne and cookies are served while you and your entourage shop! When everyone is done shopping, you as the Bride get FREE clothing! Easiest hosting job ever!
We can also come to you, set up at your house or maybe before your bridal shower at your venue!

Please take a moment and sign up for my email list here: (so I know if you want my monthly newsletter, emails on special bridal packages, etc.) and I encourage you to check out my social media accounts.
If you already know about LuLaRoe and love it, feel free to contact me for sale information and party availability!
If you’re not interested at all, I appreciate your time and I wish you the best in your wedding planning adventures!
Happy Planning <3

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