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Nomad Liquid Catering

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300 Cypress St. #443
Liverpool, NY 13088

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About Nomad Liquid Catering

Nomad Liquid Catering is a fully licensed and insured beverage catering company that provides the perfect mix – beverages, pro staff & a great vibes.

We service guest counts from 10 to 10,000 at your desired venue. Whether your special event involves at home entertaining, corporate event, wedding, festival or gala – we guarantee great service every time.

After years of running successful restaurants and producing special events, we understand the importance of creating an environment focused on professionalism and attention to detail.

Allow our team to customize unique cocktails, highlighting creative versions from classics to originals. In addition to hand-crafted cocktails, we also proudly offer boutique wines and craft beers from outstanding local breweries, as well as artisanal sodas and accompaniments. We can cater throughout New York State including Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester & Albany.

Nomad Liquid Catering Locations

300 Cypress St. #443
Liverpool, NY 13088

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