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Tips for Postponing your Wedding

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About Tips for Postponing your Wedding

Written by Samantha Nelson of EVL Events

1. Contact your venue and ask about new date options.

2. Contact your vendors and ask if they are available for the dates provided by the venue. I recommend using Insert all the dates and as they click on their availability, it will show what overlaps. This cuts out a lot of back and forth.

3. Review your contracts to understand the postponement or cancellation clauses.

4. Pick a date and communicate it to your vendor team. A group email is perfectly acceptable but please BCC to lessen the reply all traffic at this time.

5. Have your vendors draft new paperwork whether they are able to transfer with you or having to activate their cancellation.

6. Be kind. Kindness is putting people at the top here. You get far more with honey than vinegar and even a simple “I know you’re working hard” can go a long way in a more positive outcome for you. Not because vendors don’t care. But because they are literally triaging the situation and it is human nature to give more to those that are kind. Pushiness and too much following up is overwhelming vendors right now and ultimately it is just slowing them down. The phone is your best bet right now! Much much faster.

7. You are most likely to keep your vendors if you choose a Thurs, Fri or Sunday (weekday in general), which means less loss for you financially as well.

8. Begin contacting backup vendors as they are filling with changes as well.

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